Windy City Poker Sept 30-Oct 1-2 @ Chug-A-Lug Glenwood

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Windy City Poker Championship

American Legion Park Forest (CG-02966), & Kokandy Productions (CG-02967) will host charity poker action on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday September 30th, Oct 1st, & Oct 2nd @ CHUG-A-LUG 18409 S. Halsted St. Glenwood IL - CP-02114


This weekend we play in the private party room downstairs in the location with HDTV's featuring all the sports action! Don't forget we will have FREE Valet Parking and or a Golf Cart to bring you to and from your car! Dress Code - No Flip Flops, Hats, or Wife Beater Shirts - Under 30 must stay in Poker Room Area during play Poker Player Valet Parking if needed. Call 708-935-2861 if you plan on attending after 5pm to ensure a spot No Outside Food - Drinks - or Conceal Carry allowed - Parking on East Side in Lot or South of Burger King. DO NOT PARK IN THE BURGER KING LOT!

Those that are in need of handicap parking or that come in the evening and are NOT able to find parking on their own can call 708-935-2861 to get a Windy City Poker Staff member to VALET their car for them. There is always plenty of parking south of the Burger King and a short walk.  

JACKPOT CASH GAME PROMO (LAST WEEKEND!) - FLOP COMES 2-2-2, 3-3-3, 4-4-4, 5-5-5, 6-6-6, 7-7-7, 8-8-8, or 9-9-9 FOR FIRST 3 CARDS - TABLE SPLITS THAT NUMBER IN CASH $222/$333/$444/$555/$999.* SO FAR WE HAVE AWARDED $1,776 to players! Let's see if we can get that over $2,000 total after this weekend before we reset for new promotions after the $3,000 main event!

Bad Beat Increase for Tournament to $1,000 - Cash Game Increase to $2,000!  

FRIDAY Sept 30th @ CHUG-A-LUG 18409 S. Halsted St. Glenwood IL   
$1/$2 cash @ 4p - $50 min to $500 max

12p - $3,000 WINNER TAKE ALL - CASH GAME PLAYERS - Winner gets a $3,000 charity backer Oct 9th main event seat. max 35k chips. RB $30/AO $15. Stacks based on hours played/donations to hosting charities. Additional chips available for purchase @ $1 = 400 more. Starting stacks determined by tournament director. Every player pays $15 to participate no matter the starting stack applied.

430p - $40+$10 opt bonus SIT-N-GO - 10 players - Top 2 paid - 10k chips (Not Bad Beat Eligible)

630p - $50+$10 opt bonus Uber (Bad Beat Eligible) - 70k chips max - $30 Re-buys - $15 Add-On end of Entry - 20/15 min blinds - $10 Optional Last Longer Bet Awards $350 CB Qualifier Seat for Oct 7th, 2022!

SATURDAY Oct 1st @ CHUG-A-LUG 18409 S. Halsted St. Glenwood IL   
$1/$2 cash @ 12p - $50 min to $500 max

12p - Bounty Deep Stack - $225+$15 - 40k max for on-time players - $25 discount for on-time arrival - $150+$15 Re-buys (Includes Bounty - Not Bad Beat Eligible) 25 min blinds - $20 Last Longer awards $350 CB Seat for Oct 7th, 2022!

12p - Mini Uber $30+$10 opt bonus- $20 Re-Buy - $10 Add-On (Not Beat Eligible) - 40k chips max - 20/15 min blinds

630p - $70+$10  opt bonus  (Bad Beat Eligible) - 40k chips max after on-time bonus of 10k applied - 20 min blinds - $40 re-buys - $20 Add-on end of Entry - $10 Optional Last Longer Bet Awards $350 CB Qualifier Seat for Oct 7th, 2022!

SUNDAY Oct 2nd @ CHUG-A-LUG 18409 S. Halsted St. Glenwood IL   
$1/$2 cash @ 12p - $50 min to $500 max

12p - $50+$10 opt bonus Uber Stack (Bad Beat Eligible) - 70k chips  max - $30 Re-buys - $15 Add-On 20 min blinds - $10 Optional Last Longer Bet Awards $350 CB Qualifier Seat for Oct 7th, 2022!

6p - $2,000 Joel Schaub becomes the backer - Tournament of Champions 2nd chance MTT - Players in the previous TOC that did not win the $3k CB Seat or could not participate have ONE more chance to get into the action. Your starting stack from the last TOC is applied automatically with no additional bonus chips required. Bonus chips ARE available @ 75% off. Every player can Rebuy and Add-on and Food Receipt will be applied end of registration for up to 15k chips. Winner receives a $1,000 Oct 7th CB Qualifier Seat. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will recieve a $350 CB Qualifier Seat. This promotion has Joel Schaub backing players into the qualifier so we thank him for his support in creating a 2nd chance prize pool of $2,000! Re-Buy is $30 for your starting stack Add-On is $15 for 30k more chips before receipt bonus of up to 15k more.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708-935-2861


A small % of the entry is held for our free-roll tournament(s) or added tournament seats to the prize pool and or for the bad beat jackpot. See tournament director for full transparent details. All decisions final!

Tournament bad beat @ $1,000 (Quad 5's beat to qualify with both cards in play), cash game Bad Beats @ $1,750 and requires Quad 2's or better to lose with both cards playing. As the events progress the pots will increase and the qualifying hands will decrease. Full Details on payout format for Bad Beat available in person via tournament director. Bad Beat for Cash has ROOM SHARE of $30 per player NOT at the table where the bad beat hits at the discretion of the tournament/event director of who is eligible based on them being on the list or in another game or waiting for a game to open up. Remaining payout split 50% to losing hand, 30% to winning hand, and 20% to remaining players at the table. Payout will be collected the following week as BB jackpot funds are not held at the location. Payout for Tournament bad beat same breakdown but at the table only. Payouts will be the following week as well.     

* Jackpot Promo must have first 3 cards of same rank to apply. In Bomb Pots it must be the first board. In running it more than once it must also be the first board. Payouts will not be the same night as hosting group will not hold funds on location just in case. Payouts will happen the following weekend. Jackpot Promo can only hit once per event. If it hits then the next opportunity for 222 thru 999 Jackpot is the next event. Oct 2nd is the last event for the Jackpot Promo before we reset for the Main Event!

Promo for cash game goes towards food bonuses, high hands when offered, jackpot promotions, Winner take ALL $3K event, and added FREE events when applicable.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708-935-2861 for information or to pre-register for any of the events             

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*All rights reserved. All applicable payouts adhere to the Illinois Charitable Games Act for applicable events.