Win a seat to the $3k TV table

How to win a seat to the Televised $3,000 Celebrity/Pro/Amateur Sit-N-Go

Every year Windy City Poker Championship gives amateur and Chicago area players a chance to raise money for local charities while playing against poker champions and celebrities on television for a large first place prize package!

In 2010…Chicago players Kevin Boyd, Gary Carr, and Dave Backstrom competed on television in our first winner takes all TV table against St. Louis native Scott Clark, Lucky Leahy’s Ted Leahy, Celebrity player Richard Roeper, and professionals Jerry Yang, Mark Kroon, and Nick Brancato,

In 2011….Meg Bertini won a seat to the $1,500 winner takes all TV table for only $70. Meg had a chance to play against Bustout Poker Model Nikki Griffith, Paul Fisher from Danley’s Garage, CSN-Chicago’s David Kaplan, Celebrity Richard Roeper, and professional players Chad Brown, Faraz Jaka, Rick Rahim, Nick Brancato, and Jerry Yang!

This year…we have stepped up the buy-in…and opened up the lineup to more amateur players and qualifiers. We also have some new professionals at the table who are looking to take down this fantastic event.

Joining us this year again is Nick Brancato from the World Poker Tour Boot Camp, 2007

WSOP Main Event champion Jerry Yang, and WLS-890am Radio Host Richard Roeper.

New players at the table include the 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker, professional poker player Aaron Massey who has see a lot of success on the tournament circuit in the past two years, and finally 2010 Windy City Poker Championship Main event Champion Michael Sabbia.

This leaves 3 seats for amateur players who can qualify or win their way into the $3k TV Sit-N-Go.

(Note: Seats to the $70 SNG qualifiers, $300 8pm Satellite, and $3,000 TV table are non-refundable and non-transferable.)

Option #1 – Winning the April 18th, 8pm $300 Satellite

The winner of this 50 player max satellite (minimum 13 participants) will receive a seat into the $3,000 televised event on April 21st, 2013 at 1pm. In order to participate in this satellite via a direct buy in of $300, you must be a participating sponsor of the charity poker events, or a WPT Boot Camp alumni/current student.

If you are neither a sponsor or alumni…you can win an entry into the 8pm satellite via one of the (10 available) $70 SNG qualifiers that will run all day on Thursday April 18th, 2013.

The winner of these SNG qualifiers will win a $300 entry to the 8pm satellite and be eligible to win the satellite and the $3,000 seat to the TV table. The $70 SNG qualifiers will be on a first come, first served basis. There is no limit to the # of $70 SNG qualifiers you can participate in to try and win a seat to the 8pm satellite. Players can NOT win multiple $300 entries to the 8pm satellite. If a player were to win more than one $70 SNG qualifier, the $300 in entry funds will be applied as a prize. The funds will be awarded as tournament credits for other events during the 4 days of charity poker from April 18th-21st 2013.

The $70 SNG qualifiers and the $300 8pm satellite will not award cash. They will only award prizes and or seats into tournaments held during April 18th-21st, 2013.

To download the tournament descriptions and structures for the Thursday April 18th, 2103 $70 SNG qualifiers and the $300 8pm satellite. Click on the links below.

April 18th All Day TV Satellite (8pm event) Qualifiers $70

Want to try and win a seat at the televised $3,000 SNG but are not a WPT Boot Camp participant or Alumni? Here is your chance to qualify to participate in the 8pm multi table satellite. Only 10 general seats are available for the Thursday 8pm $300 satellite. Win any one of the SNG’s and receive an entry into the 8pm event and have a chance to win a seat to the $3,000 televised SNG. These are a prizes only tournament. Prizes and second chance qualifier entries awarded for 2nd place. Limited seats are available.

April 18th 8pm WPT Boot Camp $3k TV table Satellite $300

For those of you who want a chance to win a seat to a televised event…this satellite is made just for you. Entries will be limited to WPT Boot Camp participants or Alumni and or SNG qualifiers on Thursday April 18th. Player’s must pre register in order to guarantee their spot. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Kirk at 708-935-2861 for details. This tournament is limited to the first 50 participants. This is a prizes only tournament. No cash will be awarded. This tournament will include promotions and an at break low priced $40 add-on for 20,000 chips (20 big blinds). It will offer tournament seats, electronics, and WPT Boot camp certificates as part of its prize pool.

Option #2 – Direct Buy-In via WPT Boot Camp training package

WPT Boot Camp Students and Alumni on a first come first served basis can contact the WPT Boot Camp at 866-978-2668 and purchase one of the (2) remaining seats via a training package that will include:

  • 1-Day Tournament 2.0 WPT Boot Camp
  • 1-Day WPT Boot Camp Tournament Lab
  • Private coaching session 
  • Special dinner with the pros
  • $3,000 buy-in to the single-table tournament to be televised to 80 million homes
  • Exclusive on-air interview before and after the tournament
  • Plenty of WPT Boot Camp gear to wear on TV and take home with you
  • The chance to play with WSOP Main Event Champions Chris Moneymaker and Jerry Yang, as well as other celebrities
  • VIP backstage passes for your family and friends

For more information or specific questions on how you can participate. Call Kirk Fallah at 708-935-2861, or email him directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All tournament payouts and prize packages adhere to the Illinois Charitable Games Act. No Exceptions.