WindyCityPoker - Jan 29th, 30th, 31st @ Velocity Mokena

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Windy City Poker Championship

WCPC will host on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Jan 29th, 30th, 31st @ Velocity Sports 9100 w 191st Street Mokena. Join us on for events benefiting The Tinley Park Bulldogs (CG-02736).

The events are limited to Groups of 25 per room restrictions. This means we will be slightly adjusting the tournament formats to accommodate for players to participate per the allowed numbers. If Region 7 goes to Phase 4 then groups of 50 are allowed and tables will go 7 handed.

PRE-REG will only be available for SNG's (Friday 430p, Sunday 6p), or cash games (5p Friday and 12p Saturday/Sunday). Players must arrive 15 min prior to pre registration to lock up those seats before going to alternates who will be on site. MTT's will be first come first served/pre-paid in person prior to event.

Masks still required as well as a 99.0 or less temperature check. 
Be sure to download the POKER ATLAS APP on your phone and leave Windy City Poker a 5 Star/Chip honest review to apply 10k in bonus tournament chips one time only to any MTT below $200.
Hand Reveal Chips for the Cash Games are available starting this weekend. Details will be explained in person of how and when you can force another player to reveal their cards when the hand is complete!

FRIDAY Jan 29th
$1/$2 cash @ 5p - $50 min to $500 max

430pm - $50 ENTRY SNG - 10k chips - 12 min blinds - Top 2 paid - 6 players - (2 tables) - pre reg via 708-935-2861  

630p - $110 UBER Stack - 60k chips - $50 Re-buy - $20 Add-On -25 player max 
$1/$2 Cash with $50 min $500 max @ 12p Start

12p - $110 Entry - $80 Re-Buy (Bad Beat Eligible) - 30k chips - 20/15 min blinds - 25 player max - UPDATED STRUCTURE  

630p - $80 Entry  - 20k chips - 20/15 min blinds - $40 re-buys - $15 add on end of entry - 25 player max 

SUNDAY Jan 31st
$1/$2 Cash with $50 min $500 max @ 12p Start 
12p - $60 Uber Stack - 60k chips - $30 Re-buys - $15 Add-On - 25 player max

6p - $60 Wiiner Take All SIT-N-GO - 12k chips - 12 min blinds - pre reg via 708-935-2861 

All players and volunteers/staff will be required to wear a mask while participating in the event. Players/Volunteers/Staff temperature will be taken during registration and must be below 99.0 degrees F to participate. Players must also sign participation release form prior to playing.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708-935-2861
For the tournament bad beat when it exceeds $1,500 there will be a portion of the Bad Beat that will be a room share (approx $10 per room share player) with the remainder going to the table share with the goal of losing hand and winning hand. Quad's on the board with a Kicker does not count as a bad beat hand! All WINDY CITY POKER charity gaming tournaments unless otherwise stated have a rake of 20% for the host charity, and have small % held for our free-roll tournament(s) or added tournament seats or cash to the prize pool and or for the bad beat jackpot. See tournament director for full transparent details. All decisions final!

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708-935-2861 for information or to pre-register for any of the events             
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*All rights reserved. All applicable payouts adhere to the Illinois Charitable Games Act for applicable events.